We don’t recommend feeding our ice cream to your children because they might feel it’s too bitter.

We can provide this kind of ice cream because we are an authentically-oriented tea shop.

At our tea shop we use only the highest-quality tea leaves, which have a distinct umami taste.

Feel free to try out our authentic ice cream!


Being natural ~ Tea Ice Cream

Our long-established company Kyoto Rikyuen has been in business for 400 years, and because of this fact we are capable of creating this ice cream.
We use high-quality tea leaves, which are completed with a rich taste that cannot be found anywhere else.
This is high-quality tea ice cream that has a natural tea taste. 

You can have it all for yourself. Otherwise you can use it as a gift for those that are particular about food, or you can present it at a girl’s party.
This will surely make others see you as genuine gourmet.

Matcha Green Tea

This is a recommendation for those who like matcha green tea!
Since it is dense, we recommend you to imagine it is as a drink.

Hojicha(Roasted green tea )

Its bitter taste is popular among women.
Enjoy the aroma and mellow flavor as it spreads in your mouth.

Black Tea

We have created luxurious ice cream by using black tea which is so rare as to be known as a “Phantom Tea”.
You are a lady who can tell the difference when it comes to black tea, so this tea will surely be a perfect match for you.
High-quality Matcha Green Tea

High-quality Matcha Green Tea
”Uji Matcha”

Do you know koicha (thick matcha tea) ?
Unlike the matcha green tea that is ordinarily drank, koicha is a thick matcha green tea.
If you don’t choose matcha green tea that has good quality and rich taste, then it won’t be delicious with just being bitter and astringent.
On the contrary, there is a tea called usucha (thin tea).Since it is usually what most people drink, you can enjoy it with everyone else.
Kyoto Rikyuen’s high-quality matcha ice cream is called “koicha” by customers because of its strong taste. (Eventually this became the official product name)
Our one-of-a-kind high-quality matcha ice cream “koicha” will make you feel that you are drinking matcha green tea.

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Hojicha(Roasted green tea) High-quality

Hojicha(Roasted green tea)
High-quality “Kuro Hoji”

Hojicha (Roasted green tea) at Kyoto Rikyuen is just a little bit different.
Being roasted again and again, two sorts of hojicha(roasted green tea) were blended to make the one-of-a-kind luxury teas.
We have pursued this delicious taste by blending several kinds of tea leaves produced in the Kinki region, Kyoto, Asamiya, and so on.
It is the most popular in the Kyoto Rikyuen tea selection.
An ice cream that has used such premium hojicha(roasted green tea) is truly worthy of being called high-quality “Kurohoji”.
High-quality hoijicha ice cream “Kuro Hoji” is the kind of ice cream that even those without a sweet tooth can enjoy. 

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High-quality Black Tea
“Asamiya Tea”

Asamiya is known as one of the five major productions areas for tea leaves in Japan. 
Those in the tea industry regard this tea as being truly high-quality.
The strong, delicious, and astringent taste is characteristic of the tea.
Therefore, the thoroughly blended tea’s hidden taste is used very often.
Often this tea that is used for blending is referred to as Uji tea.
Asamiya tea is inferior in terms of its name, but its taste does not fail to amaze.
It is black tea leaves that were gathered at Asamiya, the “Asamiya Tea”.
Besides that, because we use organic tea leaves production is limited to 500 kilograms per year. It is so rare that it has come to be known as “Phantom Tea”.
We are a company that was established in the year 1626 (Edo era), and because of this we are capable of producing this authenthic high-quality ice cream that used Asamiya tea luxuriously.
High-quality Asamiya tea ice cream’s feature is its unique Asamiya tea flavor. 

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