Kyoto Rikyuen has been in business for close to 400 years since 1626(Kanei 3,Edo era),
and has been supported by everyone throughout this whole time.

  1. Using distinguished tea leaves.

    Kyoto Rikyuen has been providing authentic delicious blended tea leaves selected carefully by our tea masters.
  2. A Tea Shop With a History of 400 Years
    About 400 years ago, in the year 1626(Kanei 3), the era of the was Emepror Go-Mizunoo and the Edo shogunate was Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. We started our business at the producing district of high-grade tea leaves which were supplied to successive Emeprors.
    We will deliver to you Japanese history in the form of a special gift.
  3. Attitude to always challenge, and not only to protect our tradition.
    As one of our new challenges,we have been selling high-grade tea leaves with Internet limited stylish packages and sweets such as edible tea.
    We will deliver the traditional to the modern, while always being ready to take up a new challenge.