Company Profile
Company name Kyoto Rikyuen Co., Ltd.
Representative Chief Executive Officer Tsukasa Nakazawa
Head Office Address 324-24 Furunishi-cho,Higasiyama-ku,Kyoto 604-8104
TEL:075-531-6501 FAX:0748-84-0101
Shigaraki Plant Address 1137 Kamiasamiya Shigaraki-cho Koka, Shiga 605-0065

Sales offices
Funahashi Branch Address Tobu Department Store B1,
7-1-1 Hon-cho Funahashi,Chiba

Sendai Branch Address Fujisaki Department Store B1,
3-2-17 Ichiban-cho Aoba-ku,Sendai

Corporate History
Corporate History Rikyuen was engaged in the production as Asamiya tea farmers in 1626(Kanei 3), and has received an award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at the 11th Kansai tea fair in 1957(Showa 32).
We established Rikyuen Co., 1974(Showa 49), and have ever since been developing a core business in the retail industry, such as Tobu Department Store, Matsuya Department Store and Fujisaki Department Store. We have started to do the same in supermarkets and other industries.
Changed the name to Kyoto Rikyuen Co., Ltd. in 1999(Heisei 11), and have moved its headquarters to the current Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.
The Origin of the Name Our company’s name was given from the tea bowl of Shigaraki ware that Sen no Rikyu loved.
Characteristics of the producing district

Shigaraki Asamiya, being adjacent to Uji Wazuka and Uji Tawara, is known as the producing district of refined tea leaves. It represents the “Scenic Beauty,Morning Fog,Night Fog”, and is counted as one of the five majors of production of tea leaves in Japan(Uji tea, Shizuoka tea, Sayama tea and Yame tea).

As an original of Uji tea, Asamiya tea has been cultivated 400 years earlier than Uji tea, and it is characterized by “refreshing scent like a mountain” and “pleasant aftertaste”.

Line of Business Uji tea:Sencha(Green tea) produced in Wazuka

Gyokuro:Gyokuro produced in Shirakawa

Macha green tea: produced in Wazuka and Shirakawa

Asamiya tea :produced in Shigaraki Asamiya
Others ingredients/teas: Genmaicha(brown rice tea),Karigane tea(twig tea), tea bags,powdered tea,barley tea,Benifuuki tea etc.